Sustainable Novschor

Sustainable Novschor

Novschor aims to make decisions taking into consideration the long term implications of their strategic business practices.  To be able to achieve our sustainability goals we strive to have a balance of our core three aspects, business growth, social responsibility and environmental friendly decisions. 

We have the following programmes running currently : 
1. Novschor Giveback Fund 

2. Shop Together Lower Carbon Footprint Programme  


Novschor Giveback Fund

The Novschor Giveback Fund is an initiative towards fulfilling our social responsibility by creating a more engaging community focused on kindness and love for the people. 

Find our more on how we plan to counter illiteracy in developing countries on the Novschor Giveback Fund page. 


Shop Together Lower Carbon Footprint Programme 

Our Shop Together Lower Carbon Footprint Programme is an initiative which helps customers lower their carbon footprint from online shopping. It's simple and its fun! 

Here's how it works : You want to buy a bag today but your Mum is also planning to order a shoe from us the next day. Instead of ordering separately and having your parcel delivered in two different flights, you order together and get it delivered in one air mail package! You just reduced your share of green house gas emissions by 1 international flight! 

Get your friends and family together and shop together!! 

Reduce your carbon emissions through transport and live with cleaner air! 




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